The Navis D2D Methodology

What does D2D bring to your L&D project?

The Navis D2D Methodology ensures balance, control, consistency, and predictability by combining diligent project management and instructional design excellence.

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1. Strategy

We collaborate with you to bring to life the visual design of your learning programs using contemporary and vibrant graphic elements, animations and intuitive user interface.

We also design the learning experience, which may incorporate various complexities of interaction, gaming and knowledge validation.

Next Step: Content

2. Content

Content design is all about learning your subject matter and translating that knowledge into meaningful training materials.

How do we do it?

We listen. We study. We ask. We gather. We collaborate.

We build content to motivate, captivate and educate your employees, using cutting edge tools to build content that ensures swift knowledge transfer and long term retention.

Next Step: Deliverables

3. Final Deliverables

The final phase of our process fuses together the user experience and innovative content to create learning that is well positioned for learner success.

We combine the vision and details, add innovation, and transform your L&D requirements into a solution that’s ready for prime time.

Put it All Together

Navis Custom Training Solutions with D2D

Make D2D a part of your L&D project and ensure you have the process, the people, and the technology to get it done right, get it done quickly, and quickly realize measurable ROI.

Learn more about our Custom Training Solutions and how Navis experts are helping diverse companies across the Globe improve instructional design, development and delivery using D2D.

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