At the Helm

Meet the Navis Learning Leadership Team

Meet the Navis Learning Leadership Team, bringing together an extensive network of leading L&D specialists, experts, and enthusiasts.  Led by CEO David Gomes, the executive team includes Executive Vice President Lauren Prisco, and VP of Operations Robin Gallagher.  Each member brings a passion for L&D along with an impressive resume of successful solutions across diverse industries.

David Gomes</br>CEO

David Gomes

Back in the 90s when Navis was only a blip on the L&D radar, it was David’s leadership, vision and passion for Learning & Development that was key to driving Navis forward. Today? David’s passion and drive remain steadfast. His hair? Not so much.

Lauren Prisco</br>Executive Vice President

Lauren Prisco
Executive Vice President

A Boston native with over 20 years L&D experience, Lauren is a survivor! An overly aggressive timeline? A bottle of wine without a corkscrew? Even cancer. There’s not a challenge Lauren can’t tackle and overcome. She’ll find a way to get it done – on time and on budget.

Robin Gallagher</br>Vice President, Operations

Robin Gallagher
Vice President, Operations

With over 14 years at Navis, Robin remains focused on customer satisfaction and operational excellence. Fuel her up with caffeine, and she’ll run circles around any reconciliation project.