Every Custom Training Solution Begins with a Problem

What's your vision for change?

Navis brings a collective 100 years + experience in L&D strategy, planning and implementation, and a proven methodology to analyze, design and deliver a custom training solution that aligns with your unique goals with measurable ROI.

  • L&D Strategy and Planning
  • Learning Management and Administration/Tools and Systems
  • Instructional Design Standards and Services
  • Program Design through Development
  • Course Delivery and Evaluation

Protect Your Investment

Introducing the D2D Model

Our D2D model ensures balance, control, consistency, and predictability in every project we take on.  What does this mean to your learning project?

D2D ensures you’ll have all the best tools in your toolbox.

  1. You get top-notch instructional designer talent  – the architects and builders who bring ideas and vision.
  2. You get diligent project managers – that construction foreman who keep us all on time and organized.
  3. D2D provides the tools and processes to predict and control progress – that crystal ball that helps you see into the future and avoid and overcome hurdles along the way.
  4. Lastly, by combining diligent project management and instructional design excellence with quality assurance controls, the D2D model provides what you need to achieve your project goals.

Step by step, the D2D model enables our clients to visualize the end result. While a predictable outcome is one facet of the overall benefit, the D2D model also:

  • Provides milestones for progressive development
  • Mitigates risks proactively
  • Introduces consistency and balances complexities

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