30-Day Learning Challenge

It’s 2016. Let’s do a 30-day learning challenge! You can apply it to any month you’d like. Read the article on the assigned day of the week. Think about it. Talk about it with your colleagues, tweet about it, or, tuck it away for future ideas!  Download PDF>>30 Day Learning Challenge 2016

WEEK 1: Monday

Learning Support Technologies in 2016

WEEK 1: Wednesday

Learn about 9 Examples of Learning Strategies You Can Use

WEEK 2: Tuesday

Top 4 things your new employees hate about training

WEEK 2: Thursday

Top Research Based Guide For Learner Satisfaction In eLearning

WEEK 3: Monday

How to print a YouTube Video Storyboard

WEEK 3: Wednesday

Take a look at a leadership blog and archives by Brad Szollose

WEEK 4: Tuesday

Top 50 LMS Report for 2016 – what you need to know

WEEK 4: Thursday

5 Proven ways to engage employees in YOUR VIRTUAL CLASSROOM